Hi! Welcome to my new and improved fancy shmancy website!

Hi there and welcome to my fancy new website!

After years and years of a website that was so very 2007, my kind friend J and the wonderful people over at Monkey C Media helped me make the switch over to a more up-to-date site . YAY!  So now I actually have a website with music that can be heard, videos that can be seen, and pictures that can slide. No way!


Needless to say, I’m really happy about it – and I’m glad you’re here checking it out!

Now that my site is up and running, I plan on posting info about music things I’ve got going on here – including show posters, live videos, and other musical randomness…and also various dorky randomness as well…like this photo of a TV I carved out of a bar of soap.

Thanks for stopping by – come back again soon!


photo (5)

 I made a TV out of a bar of soap