2018 San Diego Music Award Predictions
By DoSD and SoundDiego

Haddad is a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is strong, her lyrics carry through each song, and… (Continue reading DoSD…)

The celebrated local singer/songwriter took us on a winding journey of beautiful ballads and top notch musicianship with her new album, and… (Continue reading SoundDiego…)


By Bart Mendoza, North Park News

…but Haddad is the standout, with a beautiful, clear voice and and a set list full of introspective piano-based pop tunes, as heard on her new album, Stories from Atlantis. Haddad’s voice is a standout in any venue, but the tall ceilings in this particular setting should give it extra power. Haddad’s music has recently started to show up on national television – one of a host of current San Diego artists deserving of far wider attention than they are afforded at home.
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 Marie Haddad’s ‘JDITA’ Blends Heritage with Wonder
By Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine

Marie Haddad is a shape-shifter, constantly moving and changing, trying new styles and creating new worlds through music. Her latest album is the artist’s most diverse, and it is “Jdita,” an homage to the artist’s Middle Eastern roots, that helps Marie Haddad establish herself as a multiverse of sound, story, and wonder.
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SoundDiego Spotlight: Marie Haddad in Sparkle Motion
Interview with Eric Page, NBC7 SoundDiego

Marie Haddad loves the recording process, and she’s even had her songs featured in a couple of television shows. She performs on Friday, Oct. 13, at Lestat’s, making her way into this week’s SoundDiego Spotlight.  (View here…)

Marie Haddad to Perform with Friends at Humphreys Backstage Lounge
By Bart Mendoza, SD News

One of San Diego’s musical treasures, pianist and singer-songwriter Marie Haddad, will be celebrating the release of her new album, “Stories From Atlantis,” a wonderful showcase of her piano-based songs. Blessed with a beautiful, pure-sounding voice, her material will resonate with fans of Kate Bush or late-period Joe Jackson, songs that paint pictures, unified by a wonderful sense of melody.

Now known for her virtuoso piano playing, Haddad doesn’t recall any specific influence on her instrument of choice. (Continue reading…)

marie haddadStories from Atlantis: Diving for pearls with Marie Haddad
By Jon Kanis, The San Diego Troubadour

Great art is the stuff that dreams are made of, and if anyone is living out their musical dreams these days, it is the Scorpionic goddess Marie Haddad, a celestial creature who would have no problem passing as a Middle Eastern mermaid in a parallel universe. As we slide across the Autumnal Equinox, Haddad is busy putting the finishing touches on her latest CD Stories from Atlantis—a bold, impressive work that builds upon a signature sound while offering up a number of dynamic surprises for anyone who has been keeping tabs on her musical journey throughout the past decade.  (Continue reading…)

julianMusic on the Mountain: Library Welcomes San Diego Keyboardist, Songwriter
By Perry Savage, The Julian News

Marie Haddad isn’t one to talk much about herself. Not that she is socially withdrawn or secretive – that would never fit her upbeat, energetic personality. It’s more like Marie doesn’t feel the need to explain who she is – listen to her music, she would tell you – it explains everything so well. Her music is how she best engages her outer world.

On Tuesday, October 5th, Ms. Haddad brings her diamond-clear voice, heartfelt original songs, and piano mastery to the Julian Library for a special Music on the Mountain concert performance. (Continue reading…)

sdnewsHaddad’s Piano Magic Striking a Chord
By Bart Mendoza, Peninsula Beacon News

While there are numerous singer/songwriters in San Diego who perform with a guitar, far fewer can be found playing the piano. Logistics alone prevent all but the hardiest musician from carrying even the most portable model from venue to venue, but those who do are often standouts — almost by default.

For some artists playing an instrument different from the norm can be a gimmick, but in the right hands it can be inspiring, as it is with Marie Haddad. (Continue reading…)

troubComing Into Her Own: Marie Haddad Finds Her Future Between the Piano Keys
By Kate Kowsh, San Diego Troubadour

In the three years since San Diego singer-songwriter Marie Haddad first wrestled stage fright to debut at Lestat’s, she’s had the chance to scratch a few things off her musical to-do list.

Having recently released her first full-length album, a Beautiful Road, Haddad couldn’t be happier about the fruition of a musical dream, long held in the shadows of her mind. Full of soft piano arpeggios, minor chords, and Haddad’s crystal clear voice, the album suggests the same clarity that artists like Tori Amos and Kate Bush have, but with a voice and lyrical landascape all Haddad’s own. (Continue reading…)

readerMusician Interviews: Marie Haddad – Still Floating
By Jay Allen Sanford, San Diego Reader

Singer-songwriter Marie Haddad was five when she started playing piano, but she drifted into other endeavors a few years later. At one point she had to sell her piano in order to stay in college.

“I discovered a grand piano in one of the local hotels that was unattended most of the time in the evening,” she says. “So I started sneaking in to practice on it.”

After playing with various local cover bands, Haddad joined the San Diego Beat Organization, which was nominated as Best New Artist at the 2002 San Diego Music Awards. When that group split, she began performing and recording solo. (Continue reading…)